Interview by Rado/Deathfist Zine   

Hi Tom, how are you doing? Something interesting happened to you last days?

Hello. I am fine with my kid and wife. Not lately, but most happening event for me was my baby born. Some weeks after we (Tom & Rado, who was touring with Sedem Minut Strachu in Japan) met in Japan, he was born very healthy.

If you don’t mind I’d focus on SLC mainly in this interview, because I have never see one. Have SLC ever been interviewed?

Oh, yes. As for as I remember I answered several or more interviews in mid to late 90’s. I think those zines were not well-circulated, or very small numbers were printed.

Looks like the interest in SLC (and CUM) is back, you are in the process of reissues of your old releases so how do you feel about this?

Yes and no. I have been doing and thinking about something to do with the old materials to be released on CD or something in digital format while on hiatus. Our case is not a “reunion” or “comeback,” as we never said that we were finished with either band. The hiatus is due to mental and physical problems. Back to your question… I am very happy about re-releasing our older materials, especially for many newer fans of this kind of music. I think we are not very famous band(s). So if you haven’t heard us, just try it for yourself.


Tell me how, when and why SLC have started?  who is who in the SLC, who of you two brothers do what, who is more creative on SLC?

SLC consists of two brothers, Yuzin and Tomoaki, and with drum machine, the notorious same member of Catasexual Urge Motivation. We wanted more violent, more chaotic, and more extreme form of musical style, but that is not fit for CUM. So we started another project called Sadistic Lingam Cult to express aforementioned musical style than CUM in 1994. At the very beginning of SLC, we just played like grind/noise, short and fast, with gurgling growls and high screams. It’s fun to play like A.C., early Meat Shits, etc.

Basically, my younger brother figured out our titles and concept and he showed it to me. Then I manage to create noise part of concept that coming from the idea of my brother. He was more aggressive to spew out the philosophy of SLC than me.  As far as I remember after the second recording session of SLC, we changed musical style to more avant-garde style than grind/noise, noisecore. We hadn’t heard this kind of music so often, and sometimes we got bored of listening noisecore bands, so we wanted step out into avant-garde style from typical noisecore band. After the release of first album, SLC became a more pure ‘noise’ band with less grind/noisecore influence.

People consider SLC like just a shadow of the CUM, like it was your “side project.” Is it simply because people were more interested in CUM or was SLC really meant as a side project and was not propagated that much on purpose? What place takes SLC in your life?

SLC is just a side project of us. We took SLC more serious year by year, but obviously it is a side project to let our stress out. SLC is not as well known as CUM because I guess noise music is not as popular as grindcore or death metal. And mostly SLC didn’t have label distribution. SLC’s first album was released by ourselves and we spread flyers and stuff. We thought death metal and grindcore fans would not be interested in bands like SLC at the time, so we didn’t spread our name enough to death/grind zines, labels or people.


Is SLC something that you do when you have no taste for / or are tired about CUM, or is it like you work on something based on your mood and feelings and just than you decide if you use it for one or another band?

SLC is another expression form of music for us. That could not be played with CUM, but we wanted to represent another form of music style other than CUM. At that time, we were not very much into playing or listening to noise music, and didn’t know how to ‘control’ noise to play. Our early stage was very much like grind/noisecore.

What’s your main inspiration for SLC?  musically, visually, conceptually?

SLC’s inspiration came from trying to describe something we had never heard of. Coincidentally, the result turned into the music that consists of black metal meets harsh noise. More detailed analysis is that black metal like high screaming, delay effected guitar/bass/drum wall-of-sound and gurgling low growls are all together. We have never heard noise music that featured high screaming vocals in the past. I think we succeeded the procedure to play this kind of music for our own originality.

The visual concept was to be much like Japanism. We wanted to use visually image from Oni (devil), Kongou-Rikishi (Vajradhara) and ancient religious art.

 Is there any basic set up for your releases or you always use different tools?

On all of SLC’s recordings, I used the same equipment. Fender guitar, drum machine, and some effects pedals. I now use a completely different set-up from our older recordings, though.

Early SLC recordings like those demo tapes sound very different to later stuff, more like mix of SLC and CUM, what do you think and how do you feel about these early recordings now?  And which SLC release you like the most.

Really? Is there any CUM music you can hear? I think that is because oldest SLC recordings were like grindnoise or noisecore than our later ones. It sounds like A.C., or some Final Exit. Those early demo tapes are like spontaneous noisegrind. It was like live recording. I have never seen the final result while the recording session. And most of all songs have intros. We choose most fitting intros, and/or made intros for each tapes.

As I said earlier, I didn’t know much about creating noise at the beginning. After I  researched it more, SLC’s song structures became much longer and more complicated than before. My personal favorite is “Triumph of the Will,” and the first demo, “The Rites of the Lingam Cult” follows.

You did many splits, which band of those you did splits with is the most close to you, which one do you like the best?

Yes, we did many many split releases. Allegory Chapel Ltd., Final Exit, Deep are very original band.

Tell me something about Satyam 666 Studio, Meat Fuck Semen Studio, Hargakure Studio … all these is the same place or every one is different?

Yes, they are the same place. We call it different names based on the sound, character, or content of what we were recording. “Satyam” was taken from Aum Shinrikyo (Aum Supreme Truth), a Japanese doomsday cult, which spread Sarin (chemical nerve weapon) on subway train on March 20, 1995 in Tokyo, and they called their base “Satyam” to training something religious. Our split tape with Final Exit was recorded in Satyam 666 because our material was inspired by Aum Shinrikyo. I was using that same train, but on that day I was working the night shift instead, so I was lucky to not get on same train.

“Hagakure” was taken from Yukio Mishima’s novel, “On Hagakure, The Way of the Samurai”. At that time my brother was really infatuated with Japanese nationalism and bushido by Yukio Mishima. “Hagakure” is good expression of samurai (bushido). We choose good name for the studio as occasion demands what’s inside of philosophical content.

I know you never play live, but if you can set up your own, ideal show / festival for SLC, how it would looks like, who would play there, where would it take ..?

We talked about it before. My brother would dance like madman and take some technical support for me. I would play noise guitars along with tape-recorded rhythm sections.


I know you have some old unreleased / never released stuff, are you planning on to do something with these?

Yes, we have some. I contributed a few songs to compilation CD, so remaining unreleased songs are only 4 I think. I want to release it anyhow. I let a label guy listen, so maybe someday they will see the light of day. (Note: this material will be released on cassette by Noise Not War Records in 2017.)

I would try another SLC recording in the future. My equipment is totally different than old stuff, so time will tell.

Are you working or at least planning on to release some new stuff with SLC or is it all just a question of reissues?

I am not working on new material on SLC now, but I have will to create something new noise. Reissues of old stuff is nice to me, as a few of them are not officially released properly. We recorded the songs, we found bands to do splits with, but then nothing happened – at least three splits fell through.

Have you ever had any serious trouble wit the Japanese authorities because of your music’s attitude / image ?

So far, we have not had any trouble. But if authorities listened our split tape with Final Exit, it would be a trouble. Because we parodied “Aum Supreme Truth” as “Cum Supreme Truth” and talked about killing someone in between the songs as dogma. 

Is still your Cum Thicker Than Blood ?

Yes, it is.

I was so happy to meet you in person and hope to see you again soon, thanks for the interview and all the best.

Yeah, I too was happy seeing you in person in Japan and hope to see you again. Thanks so much for this interview and your interest in SLC.



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