Interview with Rado/SEDEM MINÚT STRACHU


When SEDEM MINÚT STRACHU came to Baltimore last summer with FINAL EXIT, CUNTS, SPACEGRINDER and PENIS GEYSER, they surprised me by playing what was probably the best, most energetic, chaotic, and fun live noisecore set I’ve ever seen.  They also happen to be great people, and it was a real pleasure getting to meet them and hang out for awhile.  Here’s an interview with the great Rado.

Sedem Minut Strachu surely has to be one of the busiest, most prolific noisecore bands in existence right now. What is your recording process like? Do you typically record for many releases at the same time?

Sorry, but I have no time to answer your questions since I need to compose our new material for Century Media’s noisecore division, Sedem Sete Records; we are about to leave for our middle-Africa “Volkswagen Noise Wheels” tour soon, so we need to finish our new “Happy Noisecore Christmas!” CD. The fucking market, you know… but since you are a good ‘ol friend, I’ll tell you. Yes, we are always busy because we love it; we feel honored when somebody asks us for a split or any release or t-shirt or whatever. We have never turned down a single offer, plus from time to time we of course also bother our old heroes to share a split with us, so you see, we really are busy, because we love to being busy with our band.

When we record, we usually pay for 5-6 hours in our friend’s home studio that costs us some fifty euros, and we always leave the place drunk with several finished recordings.

We record everything, and we release everything, so if in twenty years Sub Pop asks us for any rare, unreleased stuff to complete our 30CD boxset, we will be sorry, because there is none!


7M$ live in Baltimore (with Penis Geyser/Cunts/Spacegrinder/Final Exit)

I had the pleasure of meeting you, Jan & Richard when you played in Baltimore on your recent U.S./Canadian tour, and it was excellent to have the chance to witness 7M$ live! How was the tour for you? What were some of the best parts of it?

It was awesome and a huge pleasure for us to meet you and all the other great people in Baltimore. Enemy Soil, Hellnation, Brody’s Militia and Suppression were among the very first bands we heard when we started to explore the extreme HC/grind underground back in mid-90s, and honestly we all are still huge fans of these, so to shake hands and take pictures with you guys was a real honour to us, once again thanks for coming. The tour was totally great, half of it was just us and the second half we spent on the road with Final Exit.

I’ve heard Final Exit for the first time in ’97 and love them since, so I’d be happy to spend a week in jail with them, much less to travel with them and to see them play every night. One of the highlights of my life so far!

Everything on the tour was great, we liked your country, we liked Canada, we liked everybody and everything and if there was something not completely good on the road, it is absolutely not worth a mention here. Well, two really bad things happened: Gowl and Reeking Cross canceled their gigs with us, and that did hurt, guys.


What is your day-to-day life like in Slovakia? Do you enjoy living there? Is it difficult to balance being in 7M$ and other band projects with job and family obligations?

I enjoy living here, but I am no kind of patriot or whatever, I mean, I love my home with my family, my records, I love some cool lakes and places here, I love our pretty good and cheap beer and I love my good friends here, but I also love to travel. I feel a strong urge to leave the country every few months just to be abroad, to not understand a single person, to hang around alone in a different country.  I totally love the sea and warm weather and to explore other countries’ food and culture, and I simply need to be alone for few days every now and than. Since my children are already a bit grown and much prefer not to be disturbed by something as unimportant as (their) father while beating the hell out of their notebooks, it’s not that hard to balance this with my bands and other hobbies anymore.  My job, that’s another story – it’s very hard to balance anything with that shit.

I know you have a wide variety of musical tastes, not just noise/grindcore. What are 5 CDs or tapes someone might find in your car on any given day?

In my car? I for sure never listen to noisecore or grindcore or whatever-core there. I want to singalong and move to the rhythm when driving, so in my car you would find New Model Army, Lama, Shane MacGowan, Psi Vojaci ( old Czech bigbeat ) and “Number Of The Beast.” And R.E.M., too.  That was a cool question! Can you imagine somebody blasting Gero’s “Showa” in the car? Hahaha…  (I can indeed!)


What kinds of movies are you interested in?

I like all “Saw”  movies, I like shit like “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas” or “Spun,” or generally funny movies about drugs, “The Name of the Rose” is perfect, I love documentaries about music and literature, underground especially Czech stuff from 60s-80s, but generally all rock n roll / bigbeat / punk documentaries.

I like movies from Kaurismäki brothers (especially Zombie ja Kummitusjuna), Tarantino, Kusturica, I like movies based on Hrabal’s books, etc. I don’t like horror movies except for very few classics I saw when I was a kid, especially I don’t like any of that cult Italian and whatever underground horror stuff that everybody does, I don’t like westerns, I hate Clint Eastwood (I spit ten times better than him anyway). I am not fan of Alien, Dune, Predator and all other cult sci-fi shit, fuck Batman and fuck Superman, fuck all comics. And of course I like a lot all that romantic stuff on Redtube and similar channels.

7M$ has several releases out – can you tell me if you have any particular favorites?

I like the SSMFS collab 10″ because it’s different. I like Massola collab CD for the same reason. I like all the splits with the bands we are real friends with, I am honored to had a chance to share splits with 7MON, Suppression, Reeking Cross, Deche-Charge…

You recently released a new LP, “General Fucking” on At War With False Noise – how did this come about?  Are you happy with the result?

I have been in contact with Al for some ten years, we’ve met few times, he’s a great guy and AWWFN is a special and great label to me, because of so many different music styles he releases, and all great stuff. I was surprised and of course very happy when he offered us an LP release, we are still very, very thankful for this, cheers Al! We are happy as fuck with the result, can’t deny that, and it’s great to be a labelmate with Wino, isn’t it?

The artwork for the LP is excellent and fits it perfectly! Who did the art for that?

Thank you very much, happy you like it! Our friend Obluda redrew the sketch we did with our friends and girlfriends one drunken evening at Richard’s. It’s a kind of parody on company where Richard’s girlfriend works, it’s a truck company called General Trucking, her boss knows about this and I’ve heard he printed a big poster of the cover and put it on the wall at his office! Obluda already did few other covers for us before, like that PTAO split or our part of the Erectile Dementia split, he’s really great I think.

Can you tell me about your other band, Temnohoň?

Temnohoň is a beer parody on blackmetal, we are inspired by ukrainian band Temnozor – which translates to “he who has a dark view” and Slovak band Temnohor – which translates “he who lives in dark mountains.” Temnohoň translates to “he who masturbates in dark”. We are also very inspired by one of the greatest comedy ever called Nuclear War Now! forum. We play MSBN (translates: mentally low black noise) exclusively.


What releases do you have coming up next?

The test press for the split 10″ with DeBlenders is ready and confirmed, a split 7″ with Suppression on RSR is planned or in the press already, a few days ago we just agreed on split 7″ with Anarco Vomit Noise from Brazil (new recordings, not the stuff from the tape), 7M$ feat. Massola / Cunts split 7″ on Awesome Mosh Power Records is planned for some time already … and amongst few other cool split tape offers, we will also join and spoil what otherwise could be an amazing Reeking Cross / Sadistic Lingam Cult split tape, sorry, Andy!


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