Interview with Ucchy/Napalm Death is Dead, cunts


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Interview with Ucchy by Rado/Sedem Minut Strachu

Hi Ucchy, how many beers did you have yesterday and what’s your plan for tonight?

Hi, Rado! I drank 8 beers after eating ramen w/Punkuboi and my wife. Orion beer from Okinawa tastes good, let’s drink when you next come to Japan.

How can I say “cunts” in japanese?

This word has several names, but most popular is OMANKO.

Is there a band called OMANKO in Japan or is it too dangerous to call a band that in your country?

Haha, this name is dangerous here!! But legendary GEROGERIGEGEGE had side project called “The Omanko”.

OK, please name all the bands you have ever played in, in order they have started.

cunts, Napalm Death Is Dead, AVA, 94th6, Vltar, Pico Pico Unholy, FrozenPanty and His Dirty Hearts, FrozenPanty and Punks Not Dead Kennedys, FrozenPanty and the Daigyakusatu, Napalm Death no Shigai, Sedem Minut Strachu, Deche-Charge… maybe that’s all.

cnts ab split
I am not going to ask you which of your present bands is the most important for you because I think all are equal to you, but which one is the most time consuming? Which one is the most active? Which one is the most and which one is the least popular in Tokyo?

Yes, all equal. But my main bands are cunts and Napalm Death Is Dead. My other permanent band called Vltar (sludgecore band) has now stopped activity, but it’s also important for me. of course playing AVA is really FUN.  But all Japanese don’t know my bands, haha.

Talking about Cunts, NDID and also AVA …. When and how do you guys “compose”? Ok, I know it’s not the opera kind of compositions in any of these bands but still, you must talk / prepare at least something together, so how this works with your bands?

About cunts…
This band’s idea came to me when I was 19 years old, as drum programming and vocal style noisecore. But I can’t program drums,haha. Luckily I found a drummer who had interest in my project at university. After some sessions, I asked him “Which do you like Anus or Cunts?” and he said “cunts is better.”  And cunts started. But he left,and now I play with the fourth drummer in cunts.

About NDID…
Me and another friend wanted to start a doom metal band.  I wanted to play drums (because I thought playing drums slowly would be easy, I had NEVER played drums, haha), another guy wanted to play guitar, and no one wanted to play bass, so I asked Hirotakanto for bass player  (I had met him one time then) but the guitarist guy lost interest to play in this band, so we started to play noisecore without him.

About AVA…
About 2 years ago, I and my old friend Orita Chaotic (from noisecore band called Nishi-no-Chaotic) watched Faxed Head video, and really into this band especially their MASKS, so we started with masks for fun.

How was the US tour? It was your first time in USA, right? What was the biggest and the most hard to accept difference between Japan and USA for you?

LOT OF FUN!!!! Penis Geyser guys (Hi,Mikeal and Brad!!) are really kind, man, of course they always burst kick ass sounds!! I really enjoyed this tour w/great band.

Difference…  of course most biggest difference is “language”. They speak naturally and fluently, but in my case, ahh….to think what should I say, so one answer takes a long time!! But we can cover with friendship with that.  I want to go to US again!!


I have heard about cool show in Ohio, oh man, I only wish to have such an awesome review of our show like you guys got from that metal guy there!!  How was that gig  for you?

Hahaha!! Yes, his review is collect as metal fanatics, not noise monger like us. I have a lot of friends into metal music,and I also like South American metal bands like Necrofago, Sex Trash, Holocausto etc.  Metal music is no crime, but that guy should be burn in hell!!

Ohio show was awesome!! SPACEGRINDER did his best gig!!

Do you know that one gigplace in USA was canceled because of your band’s name? Yes it’s true! Funny thing is the other band’s name on the same list (Penis Geyser) was no problem…

In case it’s true, we should change the name to “the OMANKO…”

Another funny story is … In Vancouver local friends told me to better not wear your (cunts) longsleeve t-shirt because people in club where we played could feel offended. Didn’t you have problems like this on your USA tour? also … Ucchy, why are you sooo offensive bastard?

I’m offensive? Really? I’m just gentle and humorous man, you know. In Japan, Japanese people don’t know mean of “cunts”, so no problem. hahaha.


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In Slovakia nobody gives a fuck if I wear Cunts shirt, because we are very open-minded … well, sorry, that’s bullshit, it’s because we are too stupid to understand English. Is that the reason you can wear such a stupid shirt in Japan as well, or are Japanese people really that open-minded?

Sadly, almost Japanese people can’t speak English or understand meaning of words written on shirt. So i saw young woman wearing shirt that say “BITCH.” Japanese mind not about meaning, but only design. Haha, stupid.

But I can’t wear some porn-grind band’s offensive design for some sexual minority…
photo (8)
(flyer from cunts show in Baltimore, MD, USA)

Please, tell us the story how Shane Embury contacted Napalm Death Is Dead on Facebook.

Not Facebook, but MySpace! That is about 10 years ago … I opened MySpace account, and aw one message arrived. From Shane!! I thought it was maybe an offer to be Napalm Death’s opening act, but it was not.  It just said “We are not dead.” So we ignored it.

I now you are huge Brujeria fan, What do you think about their new stuff? Are you able to recognize Shane Embury when masked on Brujeria pictures?

I LOVE BRUJERIA!! 1st is best, 2nd is so-so, 3rd album sucks, and I bought their newest cd in US, it sucks too, haha.  in my case, Brujeria is 1st album and “Marijuana”!! That’s song really cheap and nonsense like our music!!  Yes, Shane is too fat to be mysterious.

What are your next, the real, actual release plans with any of your bands?

split w/Sedem Minut Strachu, 7ep
split w/Energumeno, 7ep
split w/Noise Brutalizer,
mini album CD called “Fairlytale”,
LP from Rage for All

Napalm Death Is Dead,
split w/Facepalm Death cass
split w/Morte Lenta 7ep,
one sided 7ep
and some split cassettes,


Is Shit-Eye Cassettes still active? Do you have any plans to release something new, can people still contact you to buy or trade your stuff?

In my organized gig, as Shit-Eye cassettes, I opened to sell something, but I’ll release Yuretsuzukeru/Feral Squat and cunts’ mini album.


Ucchy in Baltimore 2016 with Rado & Richard/7M$, Jason/Suppression and Mason & Jake/Reeking Cross

If I put you into dark room for 24hrs and you can choose one record that I will play you at maximum volume on repeat, which one you choose?

Mmm… difficult question… but it will be DxIxE/Drown Bairon Q split cassette, this cassette is my all time favorite.

Have you ever played naked? if not, would you like to?
I’m too shy to appear without clothes… just my wife can see this big cock.

Do you think Seth Putnam have ever heard about the Cunts?   
Haha, maybe NO. But about 12 years ago, I know the editor of a Japanese grindcore fanzine asked Seth about cunts.

Editor : Do you know the Japanese band called cunts?
Seth : I don’t know, it is a girl band?
Editor : No,it is noisecore duo by two guys.
Seth : Male? No interest.

Haha, funny story!!

I know you are going to play a gig with some huge japanese noise act soon, please tell, so all the readers can be jealous.
Next August,NxDxIxD will go to Osaka with Macrochord,Noise A Go Go’s and will do a gig w/Masonna! In fact, I have seen him live only one time (because me and my father are posers), so this will be my second. I’m really looking forward to it!

Ok dear friend , I need to finish this beer and go to work, so here’s the place for whatever you want to add, thanks for this interview and enjoy all tomorrow’s beers.
Thanks for this opportunity, Rado and Mason!! Kiss, Hug and Noise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Click here to listen to cunts side of cunts/Anal Butt split 7″

cunts live in Baltimore (partial)

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