Interview with Brad Cook/BRUISED EGO



What initially inspired you guys to start BRUISED EGO? Are you happy with the way things are going so far?

So, back in September of last, Adam and I were about to go to Scandinavia with Lotus Fucker, but we were getting frustrated, both with the music and the actions of some of our bandmates. Upon returning from Scandinavia, Adam and I focused really hard on Bruised Ego. I had always wanted to play fastcore/thrashcore, but could never find the right drummer. Adam and I had been playing together for 5 years at that point and after I showed him some Hellnation songs I liked, he wanted to combine that with his fast influences like Sidetracked and xbrainiax and thus started the rough blueprint for our sound.

I am very happy with how we’re progressing. We are about to record an L.P. with Colin Marston in Queens in about a month from writing this (still searching for a label, hint hint) and a tour through upstate, Canada and the Midwest immediately following.

You guys have already been really prolific and have a number of releases out or in progress. What’s your favorite B.E. release so far?

If I’m being totally honest, I get sick of the material really quick. I feel Adam does, too. Not that I think it’s poor, but we keep getting faster to the point that I listen to old stuff, which really isn’t even really that old, and think it’s slow or boring. I still love performing everything. I’ve also recorded 80% of everything we’ve done thus far, so I get pretty burnt out on it quickly.

I’m pretty fond of the 4-way split with Disparo!, Nermal and Bossy Fit however. I finally assembled the guitar sound I had been chasing and think it’s some of the better stuff recorded. I’m also not sick of it yet, haha.

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I know you toured Brazil with one of your former bands (Lotus Fucker); what was that experience like?

This trip was very much a double-edged sword. This was about 3 years ago now I think. This was everyone but Dan’s first trip out of the US, so that to me was exciting. I was also extremely excited to share the stage with legendary noisecore acts like Noise, Industrial Holocaust and New York Against The Belzebu.

I’m going to separate the good and the bad here because on this trip I actually almost lost my leg and potentially my life:

The best parts, bar none, was the food. Everything was a three-course meal for less than $5 and delicious. I had the best steak in my life in Sao Paulo. It was very enjoyable trying all sorts of new things and experiencing the culture. These are things that I think are almost exclusive to touring. I feel unless you really know someone in another country, you never really get to see what things are like. I also had the pleasure of going to many record stores which were LOADED with cheap, rare records. Lastly, but certainly not least was how nice and accepting everyone was of us. We were cooked meals, bought beer and drugs and of course everyone wanted to party. I want to go back ASAP. Touring with Sete Star Sept was also amazing as they are one my favorites and such delightfully talented, intelligent and just beautiful people to be around.

The bad was really bad. Before I left for the trip, I was bit by some sort of insect. I originally thought it was an infected mosquito bite, so I thought nothing of it and left. Come to find out, I contracted staph and left it untreated for two days on the plane ride. I woke up the next morning and my leg was a rainbow of smoldering pus, so I rushed to a CVS of sorts in the airport hotel. The clerk barely understood me and gave me an over the counter antibiotic that I ended up being allergic to. Adam had also missed his flight that day, so I had to drum for the band that night. The next day, after picking Adam off a bus, my leg had gotten worse, So we went to a hospital. I was given more antibiotics that I was also allergic to.

At this point, I decided to rough it out. I lasted roughly 12 days of the 3 week tour. After playing Sao Chaos fest (which was a fucking outdoor camping party where millions of bugs festered on my rotting leg), we were supposed to fly to Fortelezza (probably spelled that wrong), but upon walking to airport, I lost all feeling my leg and decided to skip those two days and go to the ER. I was wheelchaired to an airport quarantine zone where some nurses told me I needed to be rushed to a hospital, as I could die in 2 days. The closest one that would see an American was a 2 hour taxi ride away, which I accepted.

Our tour driver, Rodgerio (who’s in a wonderful rock band Lo-Fi and who I owe my life to) took me to the hospital from there and cared for me from there. I received and iv injection for 5 days and the swelling and pus dissolved away. The guys came back and we finished the tour.

I know you have a pretty wide variety of musical tastes beyond grindcore. What are 5 CDs or tapes someone might find in your car on any given day?

Well, lately since I ripped my speakers out pouring too many big cabinets into my jeep, nothing haha but when they were functioning, i’d be found listening to the following:

1. Gas Chamber – Hemorrhaging Light L.P.
I still think this is the best powerviolence release in the last decade. Highly influential on my playing and writing process as well as satisfying my love of prog rock, which was some of the first music I got into. RIP.

2. Stostokovich string quartets
While I love his 7th the most, everyone of his string quartets are amazing pieces of music that I always get chills listening to. This guy’s backstory is amazing too. He’s most known for writing the most popular waltz of all time. Kind of a “one hit wonder in the popular world

3. Hail of Rage – Fucking Pissed
Most overlooked band of that whole Slap-a-Ham craze. Absolutely manic drummer.

4. Anything by Longmont Potion Castle.
A fucking brilliant prankster and timing genius. I love shit like this. It’s an art.

5. Lana Del Rey – Ultraviolent
Guilty pleasure. Nuff said.

What kinds of movies are you interested in?

I typically enjoy B-horror movies or documentaries. Other than that I guess it’s really just whatever seems appealing. I can’t even really think of the last thing I really enjoyed. I did finally watch a copy of Bloody New Year which was great. The singer Mike and I before being in the band together, who was one of my first friends when moving to Baltimore, would dub VHS tapes with our favorite music videos and get drunk. That was always fun. The Nermal guys and us also have an anti-drinking game for the first Star Wars prequel which is pretty terrible.


Are you involved with any other bands/projects right now? I remember you telling me about wrestling-themed band when we were at the Crom/Suppression/Escuela show and it sounded kind of amazing….

I’m in a goregrind/death metal project called Embalming Process with a current member of Noisem and ex member of Lapse. Real slow stuff. We like Impetigo and Blood a lot.

I also am working on a wrestling-themed noisecore band called Omnipotent Semen. More on that soon.

Lastly, in working on a band with Nicky of Can Hagar and Matt of Water Torture on a double drum and bass band influenced by Norm Macdonald called Long Suffering Death (LSD).

What are some upcoming releases that you have planned for B.E.?

So, we have the L.P. I mentioned earlier with Colin Marston, which will be 15-20 minutes of music and hopefully out mid next year before we embark on a month long tour through Scandanvia/Germany/Denmark/Belgium and the UK I August.

I also have a self-released Sound Pollution “Tomorrow Will Be Worse” style 4×7″ box set of my favorite bands. So far, it’s Grin and Bear It from Ohio, Fissure from LA, Lugubrious Children from the UK, Bumfeeder from Philly, Pavel Chekov from Texas, Neck Breather and Crawler from Baltimore and us. Hoping to have that out by the end of 2018.

Bruised Ego – Bandcamp

Upcoming tour dates:

Sept 9th queens @ Pista Banda Unitas
Sept 11th binghamton @ tba
Sept 12th buffalo/rochester/syracuse (still need this)
Sept 13th hamilton, on (need date secured)
Sept 14th Toronto @ coalition
Sept 15th Windsor @ windsor beer exchange
Sept 16th Detroit @ tba
Sept 17th Ohio @ the leathershop
Sept 18th pittsburgh