Occasional guest columns will be posted here.  Our first entry was written by João Felipe of Brazilian noisemongers MORTE LENTA.  João also runs DENTE PODI Records.


For a long time throughout my life, I’ve heard phrases like “Why do you still listen to and buy this shit? Noisecore has been dead since the 90’s!!”  Well, this phrase is not all wrong. Of course the underground is not the same as it was 20 years ago. Bandcamp, YouTube, downloads and other web tools have changed a lot of things, but I think it’s terrible to say that “noisecore is dead.” Probably one reason that this phrase is used nowadays is the “cyber-wave” of noise.  A lots of people are making noise, but they really don’t know what they are doing—computer drums, computer guitars and vocals drowned in shitty effects. Is this noise? No. This is absolute shit! A lot of people make noise. But why? That’s no reason. No rage, no hate, no passion, no ideas; it’s only for “status” to have a band and release a shitty web-release on Bandcamp and delight the “noise trends” of nowadays. Noisecore is not a trend, it’s a serious activity, political or not— analog and fistfuls of passion.

I live in Brazil. In my opinion, in the 80’s and 90’s this country had one of the most radical, true and extremist scenes ever seen in the world, and it’s very common to hear people saying that kind of phrase (“noisecore is dead”). I totally understand their reasons and respect this! But posers and trendy people always existed and will always exist. Same thing applies to the maniacs that really care about the noise scene and support the old and new bands. So, that’s one reason that motivates me to still make noise! Not only my reasons, but all the friends I made around my country and the world that I really love and respect! And I’m sure to say:  Noisecore is NOT dead! Still analog, still underground and still honest!

And that’s all. All around the world, I see resistance.  I will not name any bands,labels, zines or supporters,  because the real ones know what I’m talking about (or maybe I’d forget someone, haha). To the true, keep the flame burning! To the false: FUCK OFF!!